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ŠAHA KLUBA APARTAMENTI as self catering apartment property opened in  2014, after reconstruction of former Chess Club house, where some of famous Latvian chess players were trained during last decades of 20th century. House is located right in the heart of Old town of Kuldiga and guests can enjoy all the best things what Kuldiga has to offer in its central part, some of which are -  castle park in former 13th century castle location, with open air cinema operating summer nights, unbeateble views of Venta river with Old brick bridge and widest waterfall in Europe, freshly renovated city museum "Bangerta Villa", old town restaurants and cafes. 

"we are convinced that satisfaction of our guests makes our city Kuldiga the desired travel  destination""

FOTOGRĀFA APARTAMENTI started operation un July 2015 after reconstruction of romantic attic space in a historical property right next to Old Townhall square.

Location is excellent for those who like to enjoy the authentic atmosphere and environment of Kuldīga Old town, hospitality of neighbouring restaurants and wide offer of cultural and entertainment events provided by local community.

Planning of apartments is very comfortable for guests, who prefer to have separate living rooms and bedrooms, since king size bed is located in bedroom, but single and additional beds are in a living room.

For those guests, who like to enjoy the silent atmosphere during vacation, it is good to know, that Old city centre can be quite loud with different activities on weekends, therefore, for more quiet environment seekers, ŠAHA KLUBA APARTAMENTI is a better choice.

It is good to know, that apartments are located in building, where other services can be enjoyed by guests - beuty saloon PALOMA and vinoteque KABINETT, where well selected wines and spirits from France, Germany and Italy can be enjoyed and purchased from the local importer. 

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